Basic Rules


Here are the Basic Rules to start playing right away!


A deck of 54 cards

16 damage counters

2 Combat Sheets




The four primal elements of this world are Healing, Attack, Defense, and Magic. They always correspond to the colors of the cards, namely Heart, Spade, Diamond, and Club. The value of the card indicates whether it represents a character (Ace, Jack, Queen, and King) or an equipment (from 2 to 10).

Etraclor Cards


Sdrac : cards A, V, D and R

There are 16 characters, named Sdrac, that you can summon. Each Drac (character) is unique and has its own characteristics and powers that depend on its race (Assa, Valkaj, Demaneq, or Rognik) and class (Healer, Striker, Tank, or Mage).

Drac Races

There are 4 Drac races: Assa, Valkaj, Demaneq, and Rognik. The Drac’s race determines its number of health points (HP):

Ace = Assa : 10 HP (Health Points)

Jack = Valkaj : 11 HP

Queen = Demaneq : 12 HP

King = Rognik : 13 HP

Drac Classes

The element (color) of the Drac’s card determines its class, and the Drac has a bonus point in that element:

A heart Drac is a Healer : +1 in Medicine

A spade Drac is an Striker : +1 in Attack

A diamond Drac is a Tank : +1 in Defense

A club Drac is a Mage : +1 in Magic



A King of Spades is a Rognik Striker, with 13 HP and +1 in Attack.

Equipments : 2 to 10 cards

The remaining cards (from 2 to 10) are the equipment that you provide to your Sdrac to enable them to fight. With well-equipped Sdrac, you will be able to defeat your opponent. The element (color) of the card determines the type of equipment:

Heart cards are Potions that restore HP.

Spade cards are Weapons that inflict damage.

Diamond cards are Shields that protect against attacks.

Club cards are Magic Scrolls that allow Mages to cast spells (see magic section).

A Drac that takes 1 damage loses 1 HP. The value of the card indicates its power. Examples: A 7 of Heart is a Potion that restores 7 HP. An 8 of Spade is a Weapon that inflicts 8 damage. A 6 of Diamond is a Shield that protects against 6 damage. A 5 of club is a Magic Scroll that provides 5 magic power. Only a Mage can use a scroll to cast spells.

First Game ?


If this is your first time playing, the scores don’t count. This first game is meant to teach you how to play. Remove the jokers from the deck, their role is optional, and you can add them later. Start your first game now by reading the rules as you need them.

The Fight Sheet

The Fight Sheet allows you to keep track of the HP (Health Points) for each of your Sdrac.

Place the damage marker on the value corresponding to a Drac’s HP when you summon him.

Move this marker when the Drac takes damage or is healed.

The additional gauge allows you to mark the damage dealt to the Drac’s shield.

When a shield reaches 0, it is discarded, and the remaining damage is inflicted on the Drac.


To have your 8 damage markers per player, you can use coins. 1 cent coins are perfect when using the Combat Sheet printed in A5 format. Any other small objects like paper clips or small paper balls will also work, but be cautious of drafts!

Installation and Starting the Game

    To start a game, always perform the following actions in order:

    Place your Combat Sheets in front of you, visible to both players. Each player prepares their 8 damage markers near their Combat Sheet.

    Divide the deck into 2 decks, one for each player, and keep them face-down to the right of your Combat Sheet (or to the left for left-handed players). Your discard pile will be on the other side of the Combat Sheet, face-up.

    Draw 5 cards from your deck and keep them secretly in your hand. Each player checks to ensure they have at least one Drac card in their hand. If not, the player shows his hand, shuffles it back into his deck, and draws 5 cards again. If this happens 3 times, the game is reshuffled and redealt.

    Let’s begin! The most experienced player (or the one leading in scores) starts and will not have the combat phase during this first turn.

    Turn Structure

    The player must go through each of the 3 steps of their turn in order:

    Draw -> Strategic Phase -> Combat Phase.

    The player can choose not to perform their Strategic Phase or Combat Phase, but must always respect the order.

    Phase 1 : Draw

    Draw 1 card from your deck and add it to your hand.

    Phase 2 : Strategic Phase

    This phase involves placing Sdrac and equipment from your hand into the Arena:

    Summon Sdrac by placing a character card from your hand into the Arena (on the table). You can summon multiple Sdrac during the same turn. However, only one Drac of each class (element) can be present in the Arena. Your team in the Arena can have a maximum of 4 Sdrac : one Healer, one Striker, one Tank, and one Mage.

    Equip your Sdrac in the Arena (as many as you want). Each Drac can equip, at most, 1 weapon, 1 shield, and 1 item (either a potion or a magic scroll). Place the equipment on the characters as indicated in the diagram below. Once a Drac is equipped, he cannot change this equipment.


    Phase 3 : Fight 

    Each Drac in the Arena can take an action during the combat phase. Here are the different possible actions:

    Attack : Inflict the value of the equipped weapon as damage to the chosen opposing Drac. (+1 if the Drac is a Striker, -1 if the enemy is a Tank) The Drac retains their weapon after the attack.

    Heal : If a Drac is equipped with a potion, they can recover the value of the potion as HP (+1 if the healing is performed by a Healer) without exceeding their maximum HP. The potion card is then discarded. Only the Healer can heal another Drac on the team.

    Cast a spell : Only a Mage can cast spells listed on the Combat Sheet. They must be equipped with a magic scroll, which is discarded when the spell is cast. For more details, refer to the Magic section.


    Magic Section

    To use magic in Etraclor, a Drac must have a bonus in Magic. Therefore, only Mages are able to cast spells. It is allowed, but unnecessary, to equip a Healer, Striker, or Tank with a magic scroll. A Mage equipped with a magic scroll can cast a spell based on the value of the scroll +1 (their bonus in Magic). Here is the list of spells that can be cast:

    3 Boost : Applies a +3 Attack bonus to an ally during this turn.

    6 SOS : Allows you to look at the top 5 cards of your deck, add one to your hand, and shuffle the remaining 4 with your deck.

    9 Disintegration : Destroys an equipment.

    11 Thunder : Destroys a character.

    Examples :

    My Mage character, an Assa (A), is equipped with a magic scroll, a 2. During the combat phase, with their bonus in Magic, they have a total of 2+1=3 magic power. They can therefore cast the spell 3 Boost by discarding their magic scroll, the 2. On the next turn, I equip them with a 9, now giving them a magic power of 9+1=10. They can choose to cast the spell 3 Boost, 6 Reinforce, or 9 Disintegration. Their magic power is not high enough to cast the spell 11 Lightning Strike. Regardless of the spell I choose to cast, I will have to discard the 9 magic scroll.



    A character is KO’d when their HP reaches zero. It happens… The player who just lost their character puts it into the discard pile along with all its equipment. They immediately draw 3 cards, keep the first two in their hand, and discard the third card. The turn of the other player can then continue. If a character attacks an opponent who no longer has any characters in the arena, it is considered a KO, and the opponent must draw 3 cards, keep the first two, and discard the third one.

    End of Game


    Victory and Defeat


    When a player draws the last card from his deck, the game ends immediately. This player is declared the loser and can bitterly congratulate his victorious opponent by suggesting a rematch !




    If the players want to play multiple rounds, the winning player scores as many points as the number of cards remaining in their deck.

    The losing player does not score any points.

    On to the rematch!

    Etraclor Game

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