From Card Game to Role Play Gaming

Simple and quick to learn, start playing now with your favorite standard deck of 54 cards!

Etraclor is a card game that is easy to learn and can be played quickly without any exclusive materials.

An engaging story unfolds as you progress through each game, taking you on an adventure that will gradually lead you to the realm of role-playing games.

Start playing now, and let’s see how far your courage will take you in exploring the world of Etraclor.

Game Overview

From Battle to Role-Playing

How many rules are there for playing with a standard deck of 54 cards?

With Etraclor, the cards take you beyond their usual boundaries, into the realms of role-playing games.

Playing time

20-45 min

A basic game of Etraclor lasts approximately 20 minutes.

You will then learn rules that allow for longer gameplay.

Players Number


You enter the world of Etraclor by playing card Duels.

As you follow the adventure, you will discover expansions that allow you to play Solitaire, and soon with 3, 4, or even more players, who knows…


From 6 to 350 !

The required maturity to play is not proportional to the player’s age.

All you need is the ability to read and count (additions and subtractions) to enjoy the game!

Etraclor is a card game where two opponents face off in a strategic duel.

Inspired by collectible card games (such as Magic, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh…), it can be played with the standard 54-card deck that you already have at home.

Find your Combat Sheet in the Rules section, gather some improvised tokens, and embark on the Etraclor adventure!

The Project

Etraclor is a participatory and educational entertainment project.

This means that:

– If you have played an introductory game,

– If you are learning a skill that can be useful for the project,

– And if you want to make Etraclor one of your study projects,

The team will support you in your learning and provide you with everything you need.

Many skills are required to keep the project alive, ranging from a blacksmith to a scribe to a community manager, so go ahead, we eagerly await you!

For example, the Etraclor digital application is a study project by a Spirit Player who is learning Unity. The playable beta version is available in the Video Game section of the website.

Wanna more informations ?

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